Here is some information about how NASA (actually NASA Administrator Dan Goldin) tried harder than ever to thwart the space tourism industry which could potentially outperform NASA. This is the case DESPITE NASA's Congressionally-amended charter obligation to promote commercialism in space to the maximum extent possible:

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Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2001 3:03 PM
Subject: Space Tourism Expo 2001 re-scheduled to 2002

> August 1, 2001
> Dear Friends and Associates,
> The Space Tourism Expo 2001, August 31 to September 3 at the Pasadena
> Center has been re-scheduled to late 2002.
> While we were almost 100% booked with our 80 booths, and had attracted a
> wide variety of speakers and displays, we will not be able to produce a show of the
> quality our exhibitors and sponsors deserved.
> All four of the major NASA Centers supporting our Expo were forced
> by NASA Headquarters to drop out in the middle of July. We hope that the
> hostile attitude we have encountered by the top leadership at NASA towards
> our emerging space tourism industry will be reversed with a new director.
> Sincerely,
> Space Tourism Expo Inc.
> 310-313-6835
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Why is NASA so jealously hostile towards the potentially competing commercial space tourism industry?   Please click here.

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