Known websites of government space programs...

Argentina´s Space Agency
Austrian Space Agency
Brazil´s National Institute for Space Research
British National Space Center

Canadian Space Agency

Denmark´s Space Research Institute
European Space Agency
French National Space Agency
German Aerospace Research Establishment
Holland´s National Aerospace Laboratory
India´s Space Research Organization
Italian Space Agency

Japanese Space Agency #1 (NASDA)

Japanese Space Agency #2 (ISAS)
(For more information on this interesting competition model, please click here.)

(the first international space station, which Russia is privatizing
and making available for affordable microgravity-related research, etcetera)
Norwegian Space Center
Polish Space Research Center
Romanian Space Agency
Russian Space Agency
South Korean Aerospace Research Institute
Spain´s Space Agency
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
Taiwan´s National Space Office
United Kingdom´s National Space Center
(U.S.A.) U.S. Governmental Aerospace Commission on the Future of the Aerospace Industry
(U.S.A.) CIA; Department of Defense
(U.S.A.) Federal Aviation Administration´s Adminstrator for Space Transportation (AST)
(U.S.A.) Federal Communications Commission
(U.S.A.)  National Institutes of Health (think, and launch voucher$....)
(U.S.A.) National Science Foundation (NSF)
(U.S.A.) Office of Space Commercialization, Dept. of Commerce

Any other official pages?

International Telecommunications Union (Geneva, Switzerland)