1997 Virginia State Tournament Results (AAA)
 (held at Oscar Smith High School)
 Team Standings;  Championships; The Top Six at each weight class; Other Links

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Team Standings:
1)Western Branch 133.5   (Western Branch's entire team roster included merely 17 wrestlers that season!)
2)Great Bridge 101.5
3)Frank Cox 94.5
4.Hylton 59.0
5.First Colonial 50.5
6.Hayfield 50.0
7.Atlee 48.0
8.Lake Braddock 44.0
9.Oscar Smith 43.0
10.Herndon 39.0
10.Stonewall Jackson 39
12.Hermitage 37.5
12.Tallwood 37.5
14.Oakton 34.0
15.Cave Spring 33.5
15.Fairfax 33.5

Championship bouts
103-Bobby Ingram (Cox) MAJ DEC Matt Viola (Western Branch) 15-5
112-Paul Jiminez (Lake Taylor) DEC Brian Childress (Great Bridge) 6-4
119-Bruce Fowler (Great Bridge) DEC Gary Lewis (Oscar Smith) 12-3
125-Richard Slocumb (Western Branch) DEC Victor Jackson (Wilson) 9-2
130-Joey Legg (Gloucester) DEC Matt Gallagher (Herndon) 9-8
135-Chip Allen (Hylton) DEC Jeff Bernd (First Colonial) 3-2
140-Pierre Pryor (Cox) WBTF David Pittman (Tallwood) 18-3
145-John Eastman (Fairfax) DEC Jeff Gunlicks (Lake Braddock) 5-0
152-Stacey Woodhouse (Great Bridge) DEC Christian Devol (Hermitage) 9-6
160-Ron Blunt (Hayfield) WBF Ali Abri (Patrick Henry-Ashland) 3:25
171-Damon Hill (Nansemond River) DEC Craig Hartman (Albemarle) 9-2
189-Brent Lancaster (Hayfield) WBDQ Dak Norris (Deep Creek)
215-Brian Welch (Oakton) DEC Josh Goodman (Thomas Dale) 7-5 OT
275-Marvin Urquhart (Western Branch) DEC Raphael Butts (Oscar Smith) 9-4

The Top Six at each weight class:

1-Ingram (Cox) MAJ DEC Viola (Western Branch) 15-5
3-Conrad (Osborne Park) DEC Escalante (Tallwood) 9-5
5-Calderwood (Broad Run) WBTF Pereira (Stonewall Jackson) 4:07

1-Jiminez (Lake Taylor) DEC Childress (Great Bridge) 6-4
3-Britt (Atlee) MAJ DEC Daggett (Colonial Heights) 8-0
5-Bakke (Herndon) DEC Renzi (Lake Braddock) 5-2

1-Fowler (Great Bridge) MAJ DEC Lewis (Oscar Smith) 12-3
3-Evans (Western Branch) MAJ DEC Greenburg (Lake Braddock) 13-5
5-Epps (Atlee) DEC Dombrowsky (Osborne Park) 12-5

1-Slocumb (Western Branch) DEC Jackson (Woodrow Wilson) 9-2
3-Parker (Churchland) DEC Bernd (First Colonial) 7-4
5-Bjorlo (South Lakes) DEC  Lacy (William Fleming) 3-1

1-Legg (Gloucester) DEC Gallagher (Herndon) 9-7
3-Boswell (Kellam) DEFAULT Smith (Western Branch)
5-Cameron (Stonewall Jackson) MAJ DEC Davis (Centreville) 10-1

1-Allen (Hylton) DEC Bernd (First Colonial) 3-2
3-Bacon (Stonewall Jackson) DEC Davis (Cox) 6-2
5-Randolph (Lee-Davis) DEC Sawyer (Great Bridge) 7-0

1-Pryor (Cox) WBTF Pittman (Tallwood) 18-3
3-Main (Hylton) MAJ DEC Chamberlain (Mills Goodwin) 11-2
5-Wahlquist (Douglas Freeman) DEC Zuhoski (Oakton) 6-4 OT

1-Eastman (Fairfax) DEC Gunlicks (Lake Braddock) 5-0
3-Appau (Garfield) DEC Mendez (Western Branch) 10-4
5-Fultz (Douglas Freeman) DEC Prymak (Hylton) 9-4

1-Woodhouse (Great Bridge) DEC Devol (Hermitage) 9-6
3-Templeton (Culpeper) WBF Jimmy Johnson (McLean)
5-Wright (Lafayette) DEC Dumm (Lee) 9-8

1-Blunt (Hayfield) WBF Abri (Patrick Henry-Ashland) 3:25
3-Lipoli (Great Bridge) DEC Cline (Brooke Point) 2-0
5-Irwin (Culpeper) DEFAULT Bauswell (Western Branch)

1-Hill (Nansemond River) DEC Hartman (Albe) 9-2
3-Youssofi (Cox) DEC Seymour (Bird) 4-0
5-Osborne (Pulaski) DEC Green (Hermitage) 9-6

1-Lancaster (Hayfield) DEFAULT Norris (Deep Creek)
3-Juskevich (First Colonial) DEC Stanton (Woodbridge) 2-0
5-Michanowicz (Bayside) DEC Race (Halifax) 8-6

1-Welch (Oakton) DEC Goodman (Thomas Dale) 7-5 OT
3-Britt (Indian River) DEC Daniels (Cave Spring)
5-Berry (Atlee) DEC Cotton (Lafayette) 9-8

1-Urquhart (Western Branch) DEC Butts (Oscar Smith) 9-4
3-Crockett (Hopewell) DEC Antonelli (James River)
5-Berger (Cave Spring) WBF Smith (Lee-Davis)

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