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Meanwhile, if you add a noticeable textual link from such a site to SpaceProjects.com, we´ll place an animated arrow by our link to your site, to call more attention to it.   Here´s our preference:  

"SpaceProjects.com: A bilingual, international directory of nearly everything space-related, including constructive reform proposals [by ex-NASA personnel] focused on making space access far more affordable.

You can also use this SpaceProjects.com graphic on your page to link to us,
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*If your space-related website still lacks its own domain name, we can hopefully make time to 
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We can also offer link and banner exchange possibilities with the following
(which has no affiliation with NASA or the comparatively pro-big government NASAWatch.com):


"NASAWatch.INFO: a Washington D.C.-based watchdog that is critical of NASA, accepts no sponsorship,
and therefore has no otherwise predictable coverage gaps."