As long as space-related museums depend upon contributions from the government and from established corporations, they can be expected to have certain biases regarding which aspects of space exploration they emphasize.   The more such museums receive from entities desiring to maintain the status quo, the less they tend to emphasize whichever reforms could level the playing field for potentially competing yet more affordable entrepreneurial space-related ventures...

Exhibitions dedicated to space:

Museums dedicated to space:

Aero Space Museum of Calgary (Canada)
Biosphere 2 Center (of Columbia University) (AZ)
Challenger Center (nationwide)
Goleta Air & Space Museum (virtual)
Hong Kong Space Museum
International Women´s Air & Space Museum (OH)
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (NY)
Kirkpatrick Omniplex (OK)
National Air & Space Museum (DC)
Pima Aerospace Museum (AZ)
Quebec Air & Space Museum (Canada)

Any others?