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Let's roll!

.Let's roll!

Here is the team's new VCU wrestling MySpace page
and the club's former official website.

Meanwhile, you will likely enjoy CentralRegionWrestling.net (especially its popular discussion forum)

VCU dropped wrestling a little over 2 decades ago due to Title IX complications, along with hundreds of other colleges & universities that discontinued with humanity's oldest sport.   Wrestling is gradually returning to VCU now, though. Some exciting in-state rivalries are already potentially brewing versus other wrestling clubs such as:

Longwood University's wrestling program
Radford University's wrestling program
Southern Virginia University's wrestling program
The Apprentice School's wrestling program
Tidewater Community College's wrestling program
University of Richmond's wrestling program

William and Mary's new wrestling club
alternative site: W&M wrestling


To see which other NCWA-sanctioned college club teams are already in our area,
please consult the following periodically updated growing list:

Meanwhile, here's a list of NCAA-sanctioned wrestling teams in Virginia.


Will VCU be participating in an upcoming Virginia Intercollegiate State Championship tournament?  Stay tuned!
Wrestling scholarships return to the Florida university circuit (article).
College of William and Mary's wrestling club
Liberty Baptist University's wrestling program
Have you seen the interesting parallels yet between what UNC's wrestling team USED to be like and how college club teams are now?   Here's a great article.
Wrestling-rumble.com (the January '05  V.M.I. vs. U.Va. college wrestling Rumble on the River showdown in Richmond, which attracted a standing-room-only, sellout crowd).  Here's an alternative site, with additional pictures.
Would you like to get some college-level coaching experience in the Richmond area?   If so, please click here.
VCU had a scrimmage competition with the U. of R. on 2/25/03.  Who will win during upcoming seasons?
*William & Mary receives $21 million gift, its largest in history, to endow a scholarship program for leaders.
 To contact their wrestling club, please click here.
*The Richmond Times Dispatch maintained coverage here regarding a fairly recent local NCWA.net-sanctioned
college club team tournament held in Virginia, but they erase all their sports information online after 30 days.  
There is a copy here, though. 
*Washington D.C.'s American University announces reinvigoration of its wrestling program.  
Their amateur wrestling club is also holding open mat practices a few times per week.
*First 24-Hour College Sports Network Has Debuted:  We have been told that this new College Sports Network was actually co-founded by Chris Bevilaqua who was an NCAA All American wrestler at Penn State and former Nike executive who headed their collegiate sports division.  Please feel free to call your cable company and request that your provider carry the service.  (Disclosure:  we have NO affiliation with any of those entities).
*Have you heard about: RealProWrestling.com?  How about the Kurt Angle Classic?
Who said amateur-style wrestling couldn't make money for the participants now in the age of cyberspace?
*The USA's national debt recently reached a record high 9.1 trillion dollar level, but does the inevitable decline of law enforcement budgets nationwide necessarily mean that we will all be incapable of defending ourselves?

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