2010 Virginia Independent Schools State Wrestling Tournament Results
Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA)

Let's roll!

"Let's roll!"

February 19th & 20th, 2010
(Hosted at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia)

32 different teams participated in the state tourney in 2005 and but only 28 did this year...
(For a list of no-shows and corresponding websites through which to nudge them into reinstating our sport, please click here...)

Final Team Results for 2010:

1. St. Christopher's 332.00
2. Episcopal 220.00
3. Paul VI Catholic 191.50
4. Liberty Christian Academy 170.50
5. Bishop Ireton 155.50
6. Cape Henry Collegiate 148.00
7. Woodberry Forest 143.00
8. Bishop O'Connell 132.50
9. St. Stephen's & St. Agnes 123.00
10. Norfolk Collegiate 115.00
11. Fork Union Military Academy 106.50
12. Bishop Sullivan Catholic 99.00
12. Norfolk Academy 99.00
14. Benedictine 73.50
15. Collegiate 65.00
15. Pope John Paul The Great 65.00  [A first year program!]
17. Hargrave Military Academy 57.00
18. The Covenant 47.00
19. Potomac 40.00
20. Virginia Episcopal 38.00
21. Blue Ridge School 29.00
21. North Cross School 29.00
23. Randolph-Macon Academy 25.00
24. Fishburne Military School 23.00
25. Miller School 21.00
26. Roanoke Catholic 12.00
27. Peninsula Catholic11.00
28. Massanutten Military Academy 8.00
29:  For a list of no-show teams for the 2010 Virginia state wrestling tournament, please click  here...

Medal Rounds:

103 pounds:
1. Will Mason, Cape Henry Collegiate
2. Andrew Atkinson, Liberty Christian
3. Elliot Mondragon
4. Tony Protogyrou
5. Gabe Corrochano
6. Dustin Runzo
7. Daniel McAteer
8. Jordan Schmeer

112 pounds:
1. Jacob Ramos, Bishop O'Connell
2. Andy Pitts, St. Christopher's
3. Josh Trudgeon
4. Conor Hughes
5. Shaw Whitley
6. Taylor Calley
7. Attison Barnes
8. Ryan Gibson

119 pounds:
1. Brandon Jeske, St. Christopher's
2. Quinn Caslow, Episcopal
3. Jesse James
4. John Paul Curtin
5. Tommy Whitaker
6. John Kneppler
7. Curtis Jeney
8. Jacob Patrick

125 pounds:
1. Taylor Whitt, Norfolk Academy
2. Scott Cunningham, Cape Henry Collegiate
3. Robert Janis
4. David Barker
5. Greg Voorhees
6. Andrew Georgeiff
7. Boyd Melchor
8. Drew Colletti

130 pounds:
1. Jordan Bruckner, Liberty Christian
2. Tyler Haley, St. Stephen's & St. Agnes
3. Ike Podell
4. Dale Mullane
5. Josiah Zodhiates
6. Ben Salazar
7. Jackson Reel
8. Jonathan Vincent

1. David Kirkland, Norfolk Collegiate
2. Tyler Cornette, St. Christopher's
3. Armour Shaw
4. Sean Kelly
5. Jeremy Whitehurst
6. Wilkes Booth
7. Kyle Mytelka
8. Nick Womach

1. Duke Pickett, Woodberry Forest
2. Trey Tarr, St. Christopher's
3. Bobby Leffew
4. Chris Adsit
5. Ricky Baier
6. Kyle Pate, Collegiate H.S.
7. Thomas Armistead
8. Christian Reeves

1. Loren Phillips, St. Christopher's
2. Marcus Miller, Liberty Christian
3. Taylor Reuss
4. Ben Pfotenhauer
5. Ben Alberico
6. Michael Blair, Collegiate H.S.
7. Joe Vitale
8. Shane O'Hara

1. Damien Ashley, Paul VI Catholic
2. Rennie Mehrige, St. Christopher's
3. Hunter Fairchild
4. Michael Logan
5. Kyle Swenson
6. Ryan Delaney
7. Greg Noordanus
8. Anthony Olmo

1. David Wesley, St. Christopher's
2. Sam Law, Cape Henry Collegiate
3. Chris Anderson
4. Joseph Kurpiel
5. Luke Milligan
6. Logan Gower
7. Jeff Smith
8. Andrew Bladen

1. Ted Gottwald, St. Christopher's
2. Win Higginbotham, Virginia Episcopal School (V.E.S.)
3. Daniel Burke
4. Chuck Carlton
5. Kevin Galloway
6. Stephen Nusbaum
7. Cameron Barclift
8. Phil Rogers

1. Henry Eshleman, Episcopal
2. Mark Burlee, St. Christopher's
3. Aidan McNulty
4. Jack Nebblet
5. Andrew Lutterloh
6. Alex Campbell
7. Ray Geier
8. Charlie Hilliard

1. Chris Gill, St. Christopher's
2. Sammy Ojjeh, Paul VI Catholic
3. Will Stokes
4. Cary Jones
5. Hank Johnston
6. Mario Genova
7. Doc Jacobsen
8. Cody Williams

1. Alex Henry, Episcopal
2. Grant Jones, Liberty Christian
3. Ben Thompson
4. Cameron Njomo
5. Chad Kolumber
6. Scott Heller
7. Garth Harbert
8. Jacob Manley

[for additional info about their school affiliations, please consult this site]

How often do quitters win?

   Are Trinity Episcopal High School & Wakefield School adding wrestling like John Paul The Great & Massanutten Military Academy did?   

    Anyhow, not all Va. prep schools with wrestling traditions sent contestants to the 2010 states.  Among the no-shows for 2010 were:  Norfolk ChristianTandem Friends H.S. (Charlottesville); Greenbriar Christian Academy (in Chesapeake, and 2nd in the 2005 state tournament); St. Anne’s-Belfield (Charlottesville); Christchurch School (Tidewater); New Covenant (Lynchburg); Nansemond Suffolk Academy; Eastern Mennonite (Harrisonburg); Seton School;  Trinity Episcopal; Westover Christian Academy & Timberlake Christian. Feel free to e-mail and / or call them and ask them if they think they're doing all they should for the sport that doesn't discriminate on the basis of blindness, deafness, amputee status, size, or even gender (as of the 2004 Olympics).   We'd welcome your please letting us know what they say, too.  Winners seldom quit, and quitters seldom win.  Those schools have had wrestling participants in the past but evidently weren't sufficiently supportive of the latest potential generation of them.  Why not?  The more people there are who ask them, the more seriously the issue will be taken.

    Incidentally, Richmond's Trinity Episcopal High School reinstated football during the Fall of 2004. Why not wrestling, though? They had a National Prep All-American in Will Seger (1984) [4th place, 185 lbs.] and some All Prep and state medalist wrestlers since then. Nevertheless, that Richmond-area nonboarding school which charges at least $12,500 per year in tuition still has no DEFINITE plans to reinstate humanity's oldest sport which doesn't discriminate on the basis of blindness, deafness, amputee status, size or gender (as of the Summer of 2004 Olympics in which women's freestyle wrestlers participated).

     What's more influential than questioning from aspiring students and parents, or even from folks in the community who are simply concerned about this seemingly discriminatory decision of Trinity's? Here's their contact data:


Might you know any alumni who would call or write in, too? 

    Incidentally, very few people seem to realize just how affordable an education at an independently run school in Virginia can be.   For more information on vouchers (which neighboring Washington D.C. already offers its taxpayers' youth), please click  here .  And if you're interested in asking an elected official in Virginia what (s)he thinks, feel free to click here: http://legis.state.va.us.   Can you believe that Virginia is one of the only states not to even offer "open-enrollment" in exchange for our tax dollars?  

How do the latest Virginia prep school wrestling (VISAA / VISWA) individual & team rankings look to you?

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The VISWA finally gets to participate in the
A, AA & AAA Virginia Challenge.  Can we rise to the challenge?

Some Team Pages (in the order of 2005's placers):

1) St. Christopher’s
2) Greenbriar Christian
3) Virginia Episcopal School
4) Norfolk Academy
5) Episcopal High School 
6) Bishop O’Connell
7) Woodberry Forest
8) Norfolk Collegiate
9) St. Stephen’s / St. Agnes
10) Randolph-Macon Academy
11) Bishop Ireton
12) Covenant
13) Collegiate
14) Paul VI
15) Cape Henry Collegiate
16) Bishop Sullivan (previously called Norfolk Catholic)
17) Hargrave Military
18) Roanoke Catholic
19) Fork Union Military Academy
20) Norfolk Christian
21) St. Anne’s-Belfield
22) Peninsula Catholic
23) Massanutten Military Academy [a fourth year program]
24) Potomac School
25) Miller School
26) Fishburne Military Academy
27) Blue Ridge
28) Lynchburg Christian
29) Benedictine
30) Christchurch
31) Tandem Friends
32) Timberlake Christian

How many high school state championships did multiple Olympic wrestling champion Bruce Baumgartner (the U.S. flag bearer in Atlanta in '96) win?  
Answer: 0

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Here are the 2006 National Prep tourney results.   Does it make sense to continue NOT rotating that "national" tournament's venue, while also not counting post-graduates' contributions separately like they last did in 1975 when Blue Ridge H.S. (in St. George, Va.) won it all?   Can you imagine the differences if, for example, Virginia or some warm-weather state got to host it?

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List of colleges with wrestling teams (despite Title IX complications)

*A female wrestler from which pioneering Virginia high school became the first female, statewide, ever to win a match in the VISWA state tournament?   Answer: Collegiate's  Sunny Clemons '97.

*Title IX (and how a lack of gender equity has forced our increasingly popular self defense-oriented sport to lose several hundred  official college teams).

*Considering the USA's record-high $9 trillion dollar national debt, which is straining law enforcement budgets nationwide like never before, would self defense-oriented sports (even at the mere exhibition level) not seem more potentially useful than ever to already diet-conscious women?   Don't traveling overseas (especially where handguns are outlawed), and at night here in the USA already involve enough inherent risks for ambitious & career-oriented folks?  Women's amateur wrestling is an Olympics sport now, and may become an NCAA and high school one at the rate it's growing.  Wouldn't that seemingly help our sport rebound from Title IX?

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Let's roll!

"Let's roll!"