2002 Virginia Independent Schools State Wrestling Championships
February 15th & 16th, 2002
Location: Woodberry Forest School (Orange, Va.)

Here are the results for the 2008 Virginia Independent Schools state wrestling tournament championships...

   Team scores: St. Christopher’s 268½; St. Stephen’s / St. Agnes 205½; Bishop O’Connell 186½; Woodberry Forest 184½; Paul VI 166½; Collegiate 160½; Virginia Episcopal 110½; Bishop Ireton 109; Hargrave Military 107; Lynchburg Christian 104; Norfolk Collegiate 94; Episcopal 93½; Randolph-Macon Academy 91; Blue Ridge 84½; Norfolk Catholic 64; Norfolk Academy 59; Benedictine 51; Miller School 46; Cape Henry Collegiate 43½; Potomac School 42; St. Anne’s-Belfield 41; Fork Union Military Academy 38½; Peninsula Catholic 34; Fishburne Military Academy 30; Roanoke Catholic 26; North Cross School 23; Christchurch 17; Covenant 13½; Norfolk Christian 6; Greenbriar Christian 0; Tandem 0; New Covenant (Lynchburg): 0; Nansemond Suffolk 0; Eastern Mennonite 0; Trinity Episcopal 0.  
      (NOTE: not all Va. prep schools with wrestling traditions sent contestants this year.  Meanwhile, Massanutten Military Academy recently added wrestling and will compete at the VISWA's starting in February of 2003)

103 - Joseph Lawson (Collegiate) d. Thomas Nielsen (Woodberry Forest) 11-7
112 - Dan Smith (Lynchburg Christian Academy) p. Connor Locke (St. Stephen's) 1:58
119 - Dirk Hurrin (St. Stephen's) d. Hunter Carpenter (St.Christopher's) 5-3
125 - Ken Chernauskas (St. Anne’s-Belfield)  p. Dan Delalla (Norfolk Academy) 2:35
130 - Mike Dulinawka (Virginia Episcopal School) p. Sean Ganley (St. Stephen's) :49
135 - John Pennington (Woodberry Forest) d. Charlie Fairchild (St. Stephen's) 3-1
140 - Chris Miosi (St.Stephen's) p. Andrew Forsythe (Hargrave Military Academy) 2:16
145 - Matt Horton (Paul VI) d. Ian MacDonald (St. Christopher's) 8-2
152 - Steven Ratley (Bishop O'Connell) p. Mike Liss (St. Stephen's) 2:45
160 - P. J. Worosz (Paul VI) p. Nick Cornwell (Benedictine) 2:29
171 - Conner Gentil (Woodberry Forest) d. Thomas Wilson (Episcopal High School) 3-2
189 - Brian McGurk (St.Christopher's) d. Ed Watkins (Paul VI) 9-6
215 - Akel Grantham (St.Christopher's) d. Jeff Marcey (Paul VI) 6-4
275 - Seth Lotts (Collegiate) d. Jeb Pinkerton (St.Christopher's) 8-5.

For a series of photos from each of the 2002 VISWA finals matches, check out the middle of   this site (courtesy of Chris Sica).  

3rd-4th place finals:
103 John Horbaly (Bishop Ireton) major dec Rob Hyatt (Catholic) 10-2
112 Mark Flora (Blue Ridge) dec Brian Herod (St.Christopher's) 7-1
119 Brendan Pauls (Bishop Ireton) pin Kris Park (Bishop O'Connell) 3:00
125 Briton Latulippe (Fork Union) dec Joey Carpenter (Paul VI) 10-4
130 Reed Blair (Collegiate) major dec Jeff Doty (Norfolk Collegiate) 10-1
135 Conrad Macon (Norfolk Collegiate) dec Jay Regner (Biship Ireton) 12-8
140 Mac Fridell (Collegiate) dec Rich Meredith (Norfolk Collegiate) 8-4
145 Richard Rudolph (Blue Ridge) major dec Chris Wilcox (Virginia Episcopal) 14-5
152 Kirk Adamson (St.Christopher's) dec Ed Ivey (Virginia Episcopal) 5-0
160 Ryan Robertson (St.Christopher's) major dec Matt Seglum (St.Stephen's) 15-7
171 Thomas Hovis (St.Christopher's) dec Jason Zeigler (Hargrave Military) 5-3
189 Eric Kelso (Randolph Macon) dec Joe Yates (Bishop O'Connell) 6-4
215 John Kane (Woodberry Forest) pin Ben Locke (St.Stephen's) 1:26
275 Warren Negri (Bishop O'Connell) dec David Allanson (Randolph Macon) 6-2

5th-6th place finals:
103 Zack Rolfe (St.Christopher's) dec Adam Carr (Cape Henry Collegiate) 10-8
112 Matthias Mueller (Peninsula Catholic) dec Norman Anderson (Bishop O'Connell) 12-5
119 Will Kearns (Norfolk Academy) Injury Default (did not wrestle at all that day) Jamie Robertson (Collegiate)
125 Tyler Moyer (Fishburne Military) dec Dan Molochko (Cape Henry Collegiate) 4-3
130 Michael Copley (St.Christopher's) pin Joe Manzi (Catholic) 2:11
135 Hunter Macdonald (St.Christopher's) dec Jamie Kay (Paul VI) 3-2
140 Dan Yates (Bishop O'Connell) forfeit Andrew Farrar (Episcopal)
145 Kit Mclendon (Episcopal) dec Zack Lepchitz (Hargrave Military) 4-3
152 Case Anderson (Episcopal) dec Andreas Wokutch (North Cross) 5-3
160 Robbie Hollings (Virginia Episcopal) dec Seamus Owens (Bishop Ireton) 5-3
171 Mike Laird (Bishop O'Connell) pin Matt Fogarty (Bishop Ireton) 2:04
189 Rex Mowers (Miller School) pin Harlan Work (Potomac School) 3:28
215 Sheldon Turner (Episcopal) dec Harry Ludeman (Collegiate) 7-2
275 Rorey Bosek (Blue Ridge) pin Ross Blondino (Lynchburg Christian) 2:16

Most Pins: Steven Ratley (Bishop O'Connell [152]  5 Pins)
Most outstanding wrestler: Steven Ratley (Bishop O'Connell [152])

 How do these Virginia prep school wrestling (VISWA) individual & team rankings look to you?

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   The VISWA finally gets to participate in the A, AA & AAA Virginia Challenge.  Can we rise to the challenge?

Are Trinity Episcopal High School & Wakefield School adding wrestling like Westover Christian Academy, Seton School & Massanutten Military Academy fairly recently have, and Timberlake Christian has considered doing?

   For the 2002-2003 season's latest prep school dual meet scores (which one can post for free here) please click here.  Meanwhile, for the latest tournament scores (which one can post for free here) please click here.

    Richmond's Trinity Episcopal High School will reinstate football during the Fall of 2004. Why not wrestling, though? They had a National Prep All-American in Will Seger (1984) [4th place, 185 lbs.] and some All Prep and state medalist wrestlers since then. Nevertheless, that Richmond-area nonboarding school which charges $12,500 per year in tuition still has no DEFINED plans to reinstate humanity's oldest sport which doesn't discriminate on the basis of blindness, deafness, amputee status, size or gender (as of this Summer's 2004 Olympics in which women's freestyle wrestlers will participate).

     What's more influential than questioning from aspiring students and parents, or even from folks in the community who are simply concerned about this seemingly discriminatory decision of Trinity's? Here's their contact data:


Might you know any alumni who would call or write in, too?

    Incidentally, very few people seem to realize just how affordable an education at an independently run school in Virginia can be.   For more information on vouchers (which neighboring Washington D.C. already offers its taxpayers' youth), please click  here .  And if you're interested in asking an elected official in Virginia what (s)he thinks, feel free to click here: http://legis.state.va.us.   Can you believe that Virginia is one of the only states not to even offer "open-enrollment" in exchange for our tax dollars?  

Va. Prep League Championships
February 12th, 2002
Location: Woodberry Forest School (Orange, Va.)

1. St.Christopher's 250.5
2. Woodberry Forest 193.5
3. Collegiate 176.0
4. Virginia Episcopal 132.5
5. Fork Union 92.0
6. Blue Ridge 75.0
7. Norfolk Academy 66.0
8. St.Anne's-Belfield 46.5
9. Christchurch 39.0

Championship Finals:
103 Joe Lawson (Collegiate) dec Thomas Nielsen (Woodberry Forest) 3-0
112 Brian Herod (St.Christopher's) dec Mark Flora (Blue Ridge) 5-4
119 Jamie Robertson (Collegiate) pin Andy Curran (Fork Union) 1:32
125 Dan Delalla (Norfolk Academy) dec Briton Latuilippe (Fork Union) 6-1
130 Mike Dulinawka (Virginia Episcopal) tech fall Reed Blair (Collegiate) 15-0
135 Hunter Macdonald (St.Christopher's) dec John Pennington (Woodberry Forest) 4-2
140 Mac Fridell (Collegiate) tech fall Will Gordon (Virginia Episcopal) 17-2
145 Ian Macdonald (St.Christopher's) dec Chris Wilcox (Virginia Episcopal) 7-6
152 Kirk Adamson (St.Christopher's) dec Ed Ivey (Virginia Episcopal) 4-2 (OT)
160 Ryan Robertson (St.Christopher's) tech fall Robbie Hollings (Virginia Episcopal) 17-2
171 Conner Gentil (Woodberry Forest) pin Tyler Schmidt (St.Christopher's) 0:38
189 Brian McGurk (St.Christopher's) major dec Sean Geary (Fork Union) 17-7
215 Akel Grantham (St.Christopher's) dec John Kane (Woodberry Forest) 11-4
275 Seth Lotts (Collegiate) dec Jeb Pinkerton (St.Christopher's) 6-5

Consolation Finals:
103 Zach Rolfe (St.Christopher's) pin Madden Hayes (Blue Ridge) 0:42
112 John Clore (Collegiate) pin Ryan Amorosso (Norfolk Academy) 4:20
119 Hunter Carpenter (St.Christopher's) dec Sachin Puranik (Woodberry Forest) 12-9
125 Ken Chernauskas (St.Anne's-Belfield) pin Byron Nelson (Woodberry Forest) 3:52
130 Max Brandon (Woodberry Forest) pin Michael Copley (St.Christopher's) 0:28
135 Hardwick Caldwell (Virginia Episcopal) major dec Eric Unger (Norfolk Academy) 11-2
140 Brandon Nunnally (St.Christopher's) dec Sonny Close (Woodberry Forest) 6-0
145 Richard Rudolph (Blue Ridge) pin Bose Bratton (Woodberry Forest) 0:52
152 Emanuel Gregg (Norfolk Academy) dec Zach Jesse (Collegiate) 7-2
160 Lowry Pressley (Woodberry Forest) pin Joe Wolfe (Collegiate) 3:45
171 Eric Pasciuti (St.Anne's-Belfield) dec Aaron Williamson (Fork Union) 9-8
189 Marshall Waller (Collegiate) dec Cam Arnett (Woodberry Forest) 4-3 (2 OT)
215 David Anderson (Fork Union) dec Harry Ludeman (Collegiate) 6-3
275 Alanzo Robles-Gordon (Woodberry) pin Marcos Maldonado (Virginia Episcopal) 4:20

Most Outstanding Wrestler - 145 Ian Macdonald (St.Christopher's)

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For the 2002-2003 season's latest prep school dual meet scores (which one can post for free here) please click here.  Meanwhile, for the latest tournament scores (which one can post for free here) please click here.

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How many high school state championships did multiple Olympic wrestling champion Bruce Baumgartner (the U.S. flag bearer in Atlanta in '96) win?   Answer: 0

*A female wrestler from which pioneering Virginia high school became the first female, statewide, ever to win a match in the VISWA state tournament?   Answer: Collegiate's  Sunny Clemons '97.

*Title IX (and how a lack of gender equity has forced our increasingly popular self defense-oriented sport to lose several hundred  official college teams).

*Considering the USA's record-high $5.9 trillion dollar national debt, which is straining law enforcement budgets nationwide like never before, would self defense-oriented sports (even at the mere exhibition level) not seem more potentially useful than ever to already diet-conscious women?   Don't traveling overseas (especially where handguns are outlawed), and at night here in the USA already involve enough inherent risks for ambitious & career-oriented folks?  Women's amateur wrestling is an Olympics sport now, and may become an NCAA and high school one at the rate it's growing.  Wouldn't that seemingly help our sport rebound from Title IX?

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